Bang! Bang! goes the drums. New EP Commenced.

Tracking drums for this new project has been a blast and I am happy to have some final takes done. Tracking drums in general is a pretty complex to-do nowadays. You’ve got the pre-production which includes: tempo-mapping, arrangement, drum selections, etc. Then you have the actual tracking which includes: mic placement, drum changes, head changes, etc. Not getting to post production yet and you’ll be HOURS in. But I love it and am happy to have officially started recording this new project.

I ended up tracking with my SJC kit (20×24” kick, 10×12” rack and 14×16” floor) an assortment of snares & Paiste cymbals along with a few pots of coffee. I will say I am pleased with the results; all of which was engineered by Noam Wallenberg at Rax Trax in Chicago. It was a hell of a day. We were on the road the night prior and drove after 4 hours of sleep to hit the studio in time; but it was worth it.

This new EP we are working on is developing more of our “stranger” side and taking a bit more of an orchestral approach with pop-sensibility. For 2 of these songs I actually recorded 3 drum parts (not including percussion). It is shaping the EP to be very delicately layered and super groovy. This was especially fun for me to record because it was the first time I deconstructed all of my drum parts so they could be layered and effected properly. For example, one drum track would be me just playing bass & snare with another having cymbal swells and a 3rd being a tribal drum groove. It taught me to be even more patient (considering some of these tracks are 82BPM) and embraces a smart approach to “less is more,” by letting the music breath and take shape while intelligently filling the gaps and keeping the heart beating.


I am truly excited for people to hear some of these new tunes as we push further into the recording.


Bang Bang!



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