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It feels like forever

Basically because it has been. Over two years since we put out any studio music, disregarding the “Last Time” that we dropped over last Summer. This particular recording process was one of the oddest and scattered projects I’ve ever been involved in. No matter how much traction we ever seemed to get it just seemed […]

Our Brothers in Bullet Called Life

Last weekend I went to Soma Studio in Chicago and began tracking with Bullet Called Life. After a couple years of discussion of working together I signed on as Producer for their next release, which I feel is going to be their strongest yet. It’s been almost 6 years since their last release. While life […]

Fire! Fire! to be added to ORANJE INDY 2013 Compilation

Indianapolis has been good to Model Stranger.  I’m hesitant to jinx the town with the word “scene” but there is something special happening but every time we visit it gets better. Having been part of the Chicago Noise Machine and it’s ambitious endeavor to unite what we believed to be a struggling “scene” in Chicago, […]