The Changing Score 2014 Tour Pt. 1 Chicago, IL to Lincoln, NE

On. The. Road. Again.

Loving it.

This tour is shaping up to be one of our favorites. While we haven’t been out this far West since 2010, it seems the traction we made on our last run surprisingly and luckily hasn’t back tracked completely.

I battled the stomach flu for the first 12 hours of the tour, which was the absolute worst way to start as a singer. We were slotted about 5.5 hours from home in Quincy, IL for three sets and I wasn’t able to stand up until 2 PM. The ride out in the back of the van seemed to last an eternity but gladly I was able to hold it off until after we loaded out.

On Saturday we returned to Des Moines, IA and performed at Vaudeville Mews. This is a venue that Kevin and I used to hit with Reverie when we were coming up. Still love the vibe at this place. We shared the bill with a local act named Hazer. They had a great set and fantastic crowd. The show ended early and we ended up at Zombie Burger, which is essentially Kuma’s Corner meets The Walking Dead. We ended spending the night in a Walmart parking lot watching Dallas Buyers Club in the back of the van.


Sunday night we made our way to Sioux Falls, SD to play Big Sports Bar and Casino.  Following our set we began celebrating my Birthday, which included some serious spankings, Blackberry Brandy, and an impromptu 2 AM hip hop performance by members of a local collective. I’ve spent my Birthday on the road for a majority of my time in this band and this one was my favorite. The true bummer came around 6 am when Kevin sprung out of  the van and began violently vomiting. While Vincent was assured this was a product of our shennagins, Kevin assured me I had given him the stomach flu and I had.


The rest of the week has been pretty low key. We performed a couple shows in Omaha – We celebrated my actual Birthday at Venue 51, a VERY cool up and coming place. We befriended the club booker/manager and ended up having a very late breakfast and conversation into the wee hours of the night before we crashed on his floor. Night two we performed on the other side of town at Shamrock’s. In the morning we made sure to stop by Saddle Creek Records and do some record shopping.


On Wednesday we performed at Duffy’s Tavern in Lincoln, NE. This bill was full of some really fun acts and the venue was full of great energy.  The vibe in this venue is fantastic with a staff that is equally hip. I fell in love with the artwork of all the handbills that lined the walls but sadly forgot to lift ours off of the wall before we headed out.


All along the way the shows have been filled with beautiful people and some really successful shows. We are so grateful to be out here doing this and been making quite  a lot of friends. The performances have all been high energy despite the stomach bug that has been making it’s way around. At this time Vincent and Micheal (our trusty merch man) have been able to steer clear of it, lets hope we can all maintain our health for the remainder of the run.  Just pulled into Boulder, going to stretch out my legs and breathe in this mountain air.



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