The Changing Score Spring Pt. 3 – There’s No Place Kansas, There’s No Place Like Home

For any touring band weekdays can be tough. While it is easy to perform any night of the week, it isn’t easy to fill a room any night of the week. When we first started planning this tour it didn’t register to me that St. Patrick’s Day was going to be on a Monday – which ended up helping us out when we got to John Barleycorn’s in Wichita, KS.  While a majority of the attendees were definitely fried from their four day St. Patrick Day celebration, we made some good friends that night.

When we announced the cities for this run, some of my friends and family asked me “Why are you going to Kansas?” and I replied “Why haven’t you gone to Kansas?” If you’ve never been there, I don’t think you should knock it. Every one knocks Kansas. Even Kansas folk knock Kansas.  I was even told that “Kansas is the butthole of the Midwest”.  We’ve been a lot of places in the Midwest and I can assure you, there are far worse places than Kansas.

Anyways, on Tuesday we headed back to The Boobie Trap in Topeka.  Upon our arrival into town we rescued the Sheriff’s dog, Bailey. Kevin spotted this truant pup trotting down the street with no leash or owner in sight and urged me to “go get that dog”.  So Mikey the merch guy and myself take off after this dog, who easily was the speed of an Olympic runner. It would run JUST FAST ENOUGH to get away from us and then trot until we got close and then it would RUN…

This is the second time in my life I was forced to run in rock boots and I promise you next time I’ll be removing them before I make a go at it.

Kevin and Vincent pulled up in the van and opened the door. That little cutie pie got up into the van without a second thought with Mikey and I piling in behind her.. huffing and puffing.  We returned Bailey to the home of what turned out to be the Sheriff.


The three previous times I’ve been through Topeka I don’t think I’ve ever eaten in town but I’m very happy this time we did. We ended up at the College Hill Pizza Pub. This place was a “build your own pizza” college bar. We ended up eating here before and after our set.  Make sure you ever find yourself in town stop in there and have a bite to eat.

Topeka on a Tuesday fared us well in the end. The bill included “One Pretty Minute” from Columbus, OH and “Oceanside Hotels” from Topeka. In addition to the community between the three bands that performed that evening the fans were great. Here is a picture of Beth from Topeka and us!


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