The Changing Score Spring Tour Pt. 2 – Strangers In The Snow

It’s not a usual occurrence that we take a night off but when our bill in Ft. Collins fell through we thought to take advantage of the evening and visit with some family and an original member of the Model Stranger cast. Since we were going to performing there the next night anyway – we skipped our visit to Ft. Collins and headed straight for the Foothills.


Once upon a time we had a manager and his name was Coate. If you read this blog in the earlier days of touring, he usually made appearances as he was everywhere with us.  At this time Coate is alive and well. It turns out a few years back he departed from the Midwest and adopted a healthier and more productive lifestyle in Boulder, CO. He has adopted a role in the Denver music scene and doing really good things with his life. We had a really good time over sushi and talking about touring and all his current life changes. You can read all about those things on his blog.

In our past trip to Boulder we were told to try playing somewhere on Pearl Street Mall. Our first attempt at accomplishing this feat brought us to West Flander’s Brewery. While the set up and location for this Friday night show was odd, the crowd was enthusiastic and really involved with our performance.  Some Strangeloves whom once lived in Chicago had relocated and surprised us with a hell of a showing. On a side note the beer and food were both really tasty which definitely eased playing on ground level through our own PA.


Our performance in Denver the following evening brought us to a more traditional and exciting venue called the Oriental Theater.  We had the opportunity to share the bill with “The Outfit”, a legit act out of Denver playing some quality Rock and Roll music. Here is picture of __________ and I taken shortly after our sets. Looking forward to hearing their next release getting them out to the Midwest.  Check them out here!

It is rare that the climax of a tour would come on a day off but when a trusty pal of ours from Denver invited us to take a trip Dog sledding up a mountain we couldn’t resist.  No one in the band had been dog sledding and we were certain a chance to do so wouldn’t come soon again, so we agreed. After a short rest in the van we got up at 6 am and trekked from Denver to Breckenridge to take our first shot at Dogsledding.  The place was called Good Times and they couldn’t be more accurate.


We rode up and down the mountain being trained by our guide on how to take turns and communicate with the dogs.  In addition we learned to fall with grace! I am unable to verbalize what made this so enjoyable. While the atmosphere and scenery were a major component there is something insanely liberating about dogsledding.

We were having so much fun that when we were offered another gift, which included a two hour joyride on some Snowmobiles, we once again took the opportunity.  Both of these activities were both healthy ways to blow off some steam on a day off. Following the day we were exhausted but recharged. It was a perfect way to cut a tour in half.


Breckenridge is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and the band was just elated about the entire experience. Thank you SO MUCH Patrick for dragging us on to the mountain and taking care of us.


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