The Changing Score Spring Tour – Pt. 5 – Let’s Us Sleep All Night In Your Beat Kitchen

It may have been a blessing that we had nearly a week off between our tour dates and our show the following weekend at the Beat Kitchen.

Almost in tandem with arriving in Chicago I came down with another nasty bug which was honestly a great bookend considering I started this tour with the stomach flu.

As I am someone whom usually doesn’t get ill, this was a very odd occurrence for me to be sick two times in less than a month. Maybe it was the long nights and short rests or the fact that Chicago was 35 degrees colder than any other state we played when we got back but nonetheless there I was… All clogged up and hoping to kick it before show on Friday.

We hadn’t played as Model Stranger in Chicago since our release show in October so we were excited to get back on our home turf and debut a group of songs we were trying out along the way over this tour.

When you play your “hometown” you tend to bring together so many people from so many walks of life into the same room and this often is a perfect concoction for a great party.

In addition to having three friends from California randomly in for the show, we also had three of our Indianapolis fans in. You mix  this in with some of our favorite childhood friends, awesome people from the Chicago music community and all of the Chicago Strangeloves and you find yourself with a floor full of beautiful people and neighbors who really don’t like you anymore.

Anyone that follows us knows that Lazy Hawk likes to party.. Did anyone know he likes to party this hard?


The show was amazing. The crowd was frantic and the energy on stage was amped up having Aaron Kane and Thomas Able on stage with us. It was the PERFECT way to end a string of shows and put a period on “The Changing Score” tours.

Thank you to all the fans, friends, bands, venues for all of the support and hospitality. A special thank you to the best one man crew in the Midwest, Michael “Coinpurse” Schock. We LOVE YOU.


You can find pictures from the tour here, you can find pictures from the Beat Kitchen and you can find videos from the tour and other walks of Model Stranger life here.

Thanks for reading!

Stephen Francis

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