The Changing Score Tour Pt. 4 – From Kansas City to Macomb

Emily Wallace. Write it down, google it, say it out loud. Do whatever it is that you do to remind yourself to check out a new talent.

The last five days of our tour flew by. Not sure why? Each night was extremely different and each night was long but every night we were welcomed with a random act of hospitality. A little act of hospitality goes a very long way.

In Kansas City we shared a bill with East Coast rockers Speedy Ortiz and got our first taste of Czar Bar. The show and the crowd were pretty slamming for a Wednesday.  I had a chance before the show to do some Ashtanga at “Maya Yoga” and immediately went from calm to chaotic when we showed up “on time late”. This happens when you don’t get updated production details. Thankfully we were able to get loaded in, perform and off stage in one hour and eight minutes flat.


At some point there was an accident of some sort directly in front of the venue and for a good part of the set Blue and Red Siren lights strobed the room while the music still played.

Following the show we were adopted by a new friend and spent the evening drinking wine and talking into the early morning.  In addition to having multiple skulls of different animals on the mantle above her fireplace she also had a homemade koi pond in the back yard. Super cool stuff!

In St. Louis an old friend left the door open and when we reached the kitchen there was a veggie Lasagna ready to be devoured by us. Following these amazing eats we napped up and got ready for the show. Later that evening we found ourselves back at the Crack Fox and this is where we met Emily Wallace.

Emily opened the show that evening and upon her first note the entire room shut their mouths and turned to the stage. To witness this kind of thing in real time is a treat. Our entire camp was blown away by her performance and spent the rest of the night hanging with her. She is truly a gem.

We hope you can find the time to go check her out online.


The last two road shows of the tour took place in Burlington, IA and Macomb, IL. Now we’ve been playing these two markets for a very long time and while in the past these visits have produced some of the most interesting blog stories, I’m sorry to report that the most exciting thing to happen outside of finding the Changing Score on display at Weird Harold’s, the awesome crowds and rowdy end of the night sing alongs … was the food.

Hell, at this point we might even stop in Burlington just for the food alone. Jerry’s Diner and Mister Motos are two of our favorite places to eat in the Midwest.

On a total side note, support your local record stores. We were very sad to see that Capital Records in the square is GONE.

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