Surfin’ Sandy: Day 10 – Macomb, IL

There I was, half naked on stage again. My shirt had come off and I had a slight headache. I thought maybe I was hungover from Friday in St. Louis but I think I forgot to drink coffee. A cute girl in the front of the crowd asked me what I’d do for $10.. The possibilities were endless. Ol’ Blue was getting such questionable gas mileage this run I figured I’d take what I could for cheap tricks. I should have asked someone for Advil but I wasn’t in the mood to be personal.That’s where the energy was in the Cafe this evening. There was a recklessness and careless feeling throughout the room. Propositions would be made, some were obliged. The trusting kind we are.

We had started our day in St. Louis and decided to stop in Alton, IL at a Cajun restaurant. We had Bloody Mary’s. I wish they tasted as good as they looked.

Vincent Joseph toast Kevin and I to a great run.

We rolled into Macomb and met our old friend Doug for dinner and drinks at Magnolia’s. Doug would later open this show for under the name NARP. Doug is formerly of  “Henderson”. He took the trip from Indianapolis to come loosen up the crowd for us.

“NARP”. Real Deal Holyfield.

He was truly a one man show this evening. He played to a backing track he recorded at home. He played drums live and sang. It was a lot of fun watching him do his thing.

We steamrolled through all three sets, playing new numbers and crowd favorites. Opted on playing any slow numbers as I fear we may have been booed if we should the slightest shift from our abandon. The show was eclipsed by me stabbing my guitar multiple times through a floor Tom. After the first two puncture wounds, the drum fell over in defeat. An excited fan ran to the stage and grabbed the drum to hold it for me so I could continue my massacre. It wasn’t until after the show that I realized how close I must’ve come to smashing them in the face with the body of my Telecaster.

Thankfully no one was hurt but I did quite a number on the drum and later found a tuning peg from my guitar bouncing around the shell.

Weak Sword.
Better off Dead.

It was good to come to a familiar place to finish the tour.

Back into the studio we shall go.

Thanks for Reading.

Stephen Francis

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