Surin’ Sandy Tour – Day: 4 and 5 – New York, New York

We left Maryland promptly after our show at Guido’s Speakeasy.

Having never taken a trailer into New York City I was quite anxious to arrive at a time when traffic wasn’t very high. The drive was just about 4.5 hours. We spent the evening listening to Jazz and sharing stories, talking fashion and playing pretend. We made sure to grab gas before we hit the turnpike. We were warned about the gas shortages throughout the state. After 60.50 in tolls into New York we pulled into Greenpoint around 6:16 am and to our surprise found parking right across from where we would be residing for the next few days.

I’ve heard nightmare stories from bands and gear gone missin’ while in New York so I was particularly grateful to be able to stick my head out the window of my friend’s apartment and check on the trailer at will.

Having driven over night we decided to take a good slumber but plans for rest were quickly interrupted as 1 PM drew near. Just because we were touring doesn’t mean we should miss the Bears.

We spent a majority of our day at a Bar in the back corner cheering on our team with fellow transplants from the Windy City. After the game we took a brief rest before heading out to Cameos in Williamsburg.

At first we were confused because we couldn’t find the club. This of course is probably nothing new for people that have never made the trip there as the club is really a back room in another club. The kind of place that looks like it would be perfect for a private party or a rave.

The recent hurricane had disabled most transportation from Manhattan to Brooklyn so the promoter and New York bands weren’t expecting a huge night. We had anticipated this and were mostly grateful that the show was still happening. Although it wasn’t the night the bands had hoped for the crowd that came was plentiful and stuck around for all four bands.

The night was opened by Shayna Sands, a very talented female who rocks the guitar quite well. We took the stage second. We were followed by “The Reckless Collected” which is really a band that had been assembled just a few weeks prior for this show. You’d never be able to tell that. Connor Grant assembled a stellar cast of musicians. Connor plays a mean guitar. Lastly, The Dharma Project, a project manned by Jason Boner, an exceptional singer and ambient musician closed the night.

I’m Analog.

Our set was highlighted by trying out some newer songs and interviewing the crowd from stage about them when I realized that no one really cares if a song is old or new. If I wrote it yesterday or today.. I mumbled into the mic.. “Like anyone fucking cares when I wrote this.” The crowd had a giggle as I realized the truth in that.

After the show we took up our friend Connor’s offer to empty the trailer into his loft as we had an off day the following day and wouldn’t have to worry. We took up his offer and spent the night listening to R and B tracks, shooting pool and drinking PBR.  We stumbled into the New York streets to greet the sun and I took advantage of a 24 hour Deli on the corner.

Day 5 

Our off day was slightly wasted as we slept into the afternoon. When we awoke we made a quick decision to hop a ferry and make the trip to Manhattan.

Nice day for a Ferry Ride. Not really. It was cold.

We paid our respects to Mr. Lennon as we took a late night stroll through Central Park. Afterwards we stopped at Mc Sorely’s and enjoyed some cheese and crackers. We capped our night at Downtown Pub and Grill, which Kevin had been hoping to do since we booked New York.


Women weren’t allowed here until the late 70’s.

Our visit was the perfect mix of Rock and Roll and quality time with friends. Of course we would’ve loved to visit under different circumstances but we actually were quite lucky considering the timeline of the storm patterns. Unfortunately they got hit with another storm the day after we left.

Our best wishes to the city and the great people there. We look forward to making the trip again.

Goodbye New York

Thanks for reading.
Stephen Francis

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