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Debut of “Stare (I Want You To)” music video

Model Stranger’s new video for “Stare (I Want You To)” is now available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Please share. Download & Purchase: http://modelstranger.com/shop/the-changing-score-cd/ Limited 7″ Vinyl: http://modelstranger.com/shop/stare-want-tofork-road-split-7%E2%80%B3/ Directed by: Matthew John DiMare Edited by: Matthew John DiMare Colorist: Matthew John DiMare Cinematography by: Joshua Lustig  

Imitation Act Now Available

Model Stranger’s new EP, Imitation Act , is now available in both Digital and CD format. You can download the EP and donate HERE or grab a hard copy HERE. This EP showcases a “Stranger” side of Model Stranger’s palette. It was recorded in various sessions between touring throughout 2014! Let us know what you think […]

Rock In Chicago Show Podcast Appearance

This past Sunday Vincent, Kevin and Stephen sat down with Erik Oldman and Doc Metal from Rock In Chicago and discussed the legacy of Lou Reed, “Poogling”, bad Halloween Costumes, and The Changing Score.  Also featured: Moon, Polarizer, and A Friend Called Fire. You can listen to that here. 

Potty Patrol

All touring bands small and large can agree on one thing that is important to have at every venue you play… a nice shitter. Whether traveling by bus, van or whatever; you can appreciate a nice porcelain throne to rest you holy-ass prior or post any performance… I’m a fan of the pre-game dump. If […]