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Potty Patrol

All touring bands small and large can agree on one thing that is important to have at every venue you play… a nice shitter. Whether traveling by bus, van or whatever; you can appreciate a nice porcelain throne to rest you holy-ass prior or post any performance… I’m a fan of the pre-game dump. If […]

Recording Update 01/16/2010

Day #…We’re Not Really Counting Ever wonder what a band does for/during their recording process?  I mean, there’s obviously your standard protocol but we all have our own little quirks.  Well here’s a sneak peak into Model Stranger‘s recording world. We have been at it in our personal practice space for quite some time working […]

Vince’s First Blog Entry. Yay!

So as the freshest ingredient in the cocktail that is Model Stranger, I see it fitting to share my first encounters and recent experiences with the band from ‘Strange-land.’ Oddly enough, when we connected for our first rehearsal, it was actually our second encounter with one-another; something we did not realize until a week later. […]

2010 has Arrived, A Quick Glance Ahead

Ahhhh! 2010 has arrived. I cannot believe that 2009 is over. It was such a long year. A few months back we did a year in review and  I would have never imagined (since most of it was unplanned and we planned on stopping) that things would have changed so much between September and December. New Rule […]