Live from studio 10 w/ guest: The People’s Finger

March 3rd, 2014 we were invited to perform at Vocalo Radio at Navy Pier in Chicago. We were very happy and enthusiastic to get some live tunes recorded and revisit with the Vocalo staff as they were great our first visit there in 2011… well in actuality we were invited to perform there 2 months prior but due to illnesses we were forced to reschedule… We almost rescheduled again due to one of my flanges. I’ll elaborate…

So I am lucky enough to have a lovely sister that resides in Australia; I am even more lucky that I am able to visit her the that beautiful country/continent. On my recent travels there I succumb to my idiocracy on a whole new level by slamming my finger in a car door; my right index finger to be exact. Unfortunately, this happen to be a week before our Vocalo radio performance and 2 weeks before The Changing Score Spring Tour… such an idiot.


I was definitely worried that this would create an issue and possibly hinder my performance as it was my right hand (if it were my left I could at least play traditional grip and keep the pressure off of the finger). I kept envisioning that a rim shot would send my nail flying off of my finger and into Stephen’s mouth inducing vomit from him, followed by Kevin, all while I bled out behind my drum kit… but hey, at least I’m not dramatic. There was some discomfort, to say the least, but I was able to play through it all without so much as a grimace. It’s funny how that works; you strike that first note and all of a sudden you are in this mystical world where your brain & heart emote an onslaught of sounds & colors that describe where you are at that given point. You lose all of your senses while feeling them all at the same time; your present body doesn’t exist, just the purest of all your emotions. My finger didn’t fall off, no one vomited, no one died.

It was a great performance and we were all on the same page; emotionally, logistically and musically. We were able to play some of our older songs and put some live-twists in them along with songs that we haven’t even recorded yet (until that night). Having Tom Miller (of Bullet Called Life) with us on the keys is always a pleasure as he can add quite a bit aurally; he helps smooth out our “Rock” edges.



Studio 10

Along with the pleasurable performance we had an entertaining interview with Jesse Menendez. It is always refreshing when an interviewer does there homework and has great questions lined up. It creates a sense of ease and allows the conversation to evolve and develop naturally. A big thanks to Vocalo for having us as we enjoyed ourselves and dig what they are putting together there.

You can listen to the performance and interview in it’s entirety here. Be sure to tune in to 90.7 (Chicago) & 89.5 (NW Indiana) to check out what these cats are doing.

Cheery Cherry Pie,



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